Little room but amazing

We have a room where the guests will be given the same choice of menu and where our staff will make sure they are well-looked after.

Vegetarians are also well-catered for and have a difficult task choosing from the different choice of dishes every day.

On Fridays as well as the regional Baden specialities that are always on our menu, we have included special dishes that hark back to recipe’s from grandma’s day, under the heading “you can’t beat those good old days!

In January we have established the tradition of hosting a very successful “Russian week”, with a special Russian menu with caviar and vodka, with singers from the Ukraine and with much singing and dancing and Kalinka! In March there is a traditional “Swiss week” with Swiss specialities as the proprietor’s wife, Sandra Maier is from Switzerland.

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Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 17.30 h on.
Friday and Saturday from 11.30 h
until 14.00 h and from 17.30 h on.
Sunday from 11.30 h on.
Wednesday the restaurant is closed.

Our hotel has no closing-day


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